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Ministry of Preaching Through the Arts - Sisters of St. Dominic - Barbara Schwarz, OP
Some people just grow old others become revered elders.This birthday print is for the elders among us! 8x 10"   $25
Some of the text

To grow old is to age.
To become an Elder is to choose to to be vintage....

You are that graced Elder we celebrate for:

You really live your life to the full and seek to be involved
                              in life beyond yourself.

You hear the suffering of this world cry out and
 give justice your prayerful attention.

You advocate for dreams only dawning...

You live the Good News of Life.....

Copyright 2004, Barbara Schwarz, OP, Sisters of St. Dominic, 555 Albany Ave, Amityville, NY 11701, all rights reserved.
for today we celebrate the vintage you have become! 
Happy Birthday!
Enjoy the love and affection that celebrates all you are and all you have become. May your day be filled with joy..held fast in the grace of God you share..Happy Birthday!
for birthdays recognize we are more than what we do. A birthday is a moment in time to remember all we have received is as gift and who we have become. May your day be filled with joy...  Happy Birthday
Time to celebrate--for the universe has waited soooooooo long for the special gift you are. Today and everyday God blesses us in your presence..Happy Birthday!
You are special and loved more than the universe and beyond!
Even if I take my time to tell you!
 Just know you are a gift.....Happy Birthday!
We do nothing to earn our birth We are simply from the beginning a gift! Birthdays celebrate simply who we have become.....Happy Birthday!
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Choose any 7.
1  Friendship flows gently unfolding, revealing who we are while loving us into our very selves.
2  Grow each day in wonder knowing more deeply the gift You are and have been given.

3 Together flowers make a beautiful bouquet
May that which we share bring beauty and the refreshment that gives us pause,- bringing peace and joy to the soul

5 Enjoy the bloom time. It is the gift of silent preparations- bulbs, roots.greening and budding. So are You!