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Ministry of Preaching Through the Arts - Sisters of St. Dominic - Barbara Schwarz, OP
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Christmas Prints and Ornaments

Cards A-6 size 
7 for $10   
and prints
to match

When the wise ones come to your doorwill you recognize them?When they ask to come in will you welcomethem?When they ask to see the Christ within will you know who?
When they offer you gifts will you accept the treasure?
Or will you join them on their journeyto find the Christ in unexpected placesand discover gifts you never knew you had?
May the gifts that matter come to youthis ChristmasAnd may you share them generously!
Merry Christmas!

Tiles and ornaments $8 see link for buttons
Christmas thanks  9 for $10 blank inside
To live on the edge of
promises made when hope is only a flickering flame. To see the road unchared adn believe one might... in you , the Christ comes.....

Call for the rest
A Christmas tree blessing

prints $15
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Order cards by 
December 1st to be sure to have cards in time for mailing.

Special Sale over Nov 15see above

Cards A-6 size 
7 for $10 

The earth in its fullness awaits the “I do” of recognition that the Lord of Glory the Lord of Mystery can be found
  in the simple miracles
Of soil,  water, the evergreen,  hands, paws, wings,   in the diversity that calls us
to be on bended knee 
 to the Source of All Being   Come, reverence the gift O  Incarnate child of wondernd join the song of great thanksgiving! A peaceful and Gracious Chrismas and a happy new year.
In these fragmentary times, who bears the Christ borne of hope
source of love? May you know the surprising truth of the ordingary folk wo do
May you bear the Christ to your family, to your neighbors to...

Give thanks
Believe in miravles 
For in you God comes to us!
Walk in Hope card
on cream background
Glory Card
A babe in swaddling clothes secure
in a borrowed manger?Glory! Messiah!
Words loom large over a little child,
as Jerusalem over Bethlehem.
Starlights twinkle as angels sing
to shepherds, outcasts and the poor:
Go! See the babe! Tell the others!
Can we be wrapped secure
simply in the love of Our God?
Glory! Salvation! Pain and loss loom large over a world Lent to our care.
Tree lights pierce to hope sprung from earth the Child Messiah - The Risen One The Christ is borne in us.
Who will hear? Who will see? Who will tell? In You may the Christ shine forth
and be raised - blessing others
this Christmas and beyond!
Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!
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The road from Nazareth to Bethlehem is long, winding and dangerous
Mary and Joseph made a decision
walking in a hope with expectation
of a promise to be fulfilled
that sustained them through 
the disquieting sounds of night
and the fears of unfamiliar places.

May you find friendly caravans 
         on the roads you travel
              and find within the Christ 
       to bring you peace amidst
              the disquieting sounds of our times
        that you too may walk in hope
                  and expectation. 
For The Christ is among us!
Shepherd card right.

Come and see! God invites
and though we may be
the most unlikely of guests.
the gift of God’s welcome
comes unexpected in the
night as the Messiah in a
manger. May Christ surprise
you amidst the uncertainty of
now .... Merry Christmas and
a Peace-filled New Year!
Shepherd card
Christmas card special: 
A birth unto Hope 
Cradled card
Walk in Hope cards

$10 for 13 Cards
love’s tender 
the Child
a melody
Angels  sing 
Promise fulfilled.

May you come to know 
the God-presence you carry
this Christmas and share the joy!

Merry Christmas!

inside card
Something new has come
Can you not perceive it?

Once born in a manger, 
Now borne in the hollow of our heart.
The Christ vulnerable as a babe yet full
Of the promise — God will what we cannot.

Pay attention to the stranger, Believe in the star. 
When all else fails— have hope. 
God can!

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!
A birth unto HOPE . . .
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