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Ministry of Preaching Through the Arts - Sisters of St. Dominic - Barbara Schwarz, OP

Wedding Cross
Comes with a Card that has a picture of the cross on the front and a place for naming and reads in part as follows:

The Story of this wedding cross
especially made for
This cross is a cruciform which means the interior space is removed in the shape of a body yet there is no corpus on the cross. The reason for that is so when we look at the cross we see through the day to the Christ dying and rising in our world not just Christ dead and now risen and with us.

This cross was carved, shaped, sanded and painted in prayer for you on your wedding. It spoke as the wood was worked and here is some of the blessing it hoped for you:
As you carve out and shape a new space
in your lives for each other:
May you recognize the strength and weaknesses 
you have as well as those of your spouse.
May you strive to enhance the gifts 
you have in each other and come to see 
your weakness as blessing.
May you make space for each other to be
to grow and to live. 
May there always be space for others in your life
that you might celebrate life to the full....

It continues with a space for the name of the person
 gifting it.
No two crosses are alike. Depending on the
size,finish and wood will determine the price whcih begins at $50. Order ahead as they are specially made to order. For questions or to order:
For Weddings and Anniversaries:--A Marriage Blessing!  

May God bless you with love that graces beyond all telling, with joy that knows no bounds, with hope that is firm and sure, with family and friends to share the journey. .....May God bless you with a vision that magnifies the blessings and joys, with a steadfast spirit.....

Copyright 2002 Barbara Schwarz, OP. All rights reserved.

Available as:
simply matted in 11"x14" mats $25

Matted and Framed in 11 x14  hardwood frame 
 may be personalized

Now also available in Spanish
To order:artafire@hotmail.com