Celebrate Life each moment. Makes nice  gifts, or for that person who just needs a pick me up. Decorative Ceramic keepsakes now 
$ 8 each  Lifewords in tiles too!
Blue Nativity                         Mary and Joseph with the tree                 Three kings or Los Reyes
This earth moment is in our Hands
 keepsake, tote, mugs, buttons, magnets and more
And the preaching Continues tiles and keepsake ornaments, mugs, totes, also a button or magnet as available 
Waters keepsake ornaments, mugs, totes,  as available 

other things on 
Spirit (Red) keepsakes &
tile too! 

May the Spirit of the Lord fill you that you may be good news to the poor, justice and mercy for the oppressed and a blessing for all in need.  
When Life Hangs by a thread HOld on
keepsake ornament,totes, mugs, little clips too.

Once you know the relatives you can't pretent they don't exist.
tiles, totes, mugs 
I am no Angel I am a Woman
totes, keepsake ornaments and
buttons or magnets as available



Buttons and magnets as available $2.25  

Dare to dreamtiles, keepsakes mugs and buttons and magnets as well..
flows, gently unfolding, ...while loving us into our very selves.

tiles, keepsakes mugs and buttons  as well..
your hopes,dreams,
ideas and even what you learn from loss for our future depends on it. Love brings life.

tiles, keepsakes, mugs and buttons  as well..
Reverence the Now
tiles only
opens us up to new possibilities that we may hold fast to the Truth in love.

tiles, keepsakes mugs and buttons  as well..
Livewith a passion for Life, and so may justice and mercy flow from your loving
tiles, keepsakes, mugs and buttons  as well..
Healing hands ornament, tote, mugs, buttons and magnets.
    Vive tu vida tile
All life words have buttons and magnets as well see sale page or click on page for t-shirts etc.

cactus      Crocus Unfolding

REjoice in Differences
Quiet your heartEven the flowers smile at the thought of you.
To be open to all that comes your way takes great strength...
Also as floral notecards
Totes in these designs are only available from manufacturer

Totes in these designs are only available from manufacturer

swallowtails                         white rose

camelia                       monarch

MORE Christmas

To order:artafire@hotmail.com
To order:artafire@hotmail.com