Experience is key.
We have worked with over 20 parishes, several retreat centers, numerous Deaneries, Parish and School Staffs, Confirmation Retreats, the National and local Dominican Youth Preaching Conferences, National Dominican Preaching in Action Conference, and much more. Fourteen years of pastoral experience as a leader in Religious Education, thirteen years teaching in Catholic Schools,  years of experience in the model Pastoral Formation Institute of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, and a member of the Order of Preachers.

Collaboration and Creativity required.
Internationally published artist, author and  leader in the implementation of a Family Perspective in Religious Education, an MA in Scripture, Preaching Experience, Prayer Process & Course design, training by Global Education Associates in processes for integration in a Global Perspective and Global Spirituality,  along with certification as a facilitator of Healing Through the Expressive Arts by Salve Regina University we has the proven skills to work creatively with your staff, faculty, parish, parents, and children.

Offerings with Flexibility are the Way.
The themes presented can be workshops, a series, a retreat, subjects for teacher training or parent-student meetings. We
meet your needs.
Share the Gifts of our Catholic Faith, Prayer and Meditation with
Your Parish, Programs, School, Catechists or Staff
Working to
Hand on the
Living Traditions of Our Faith and
the Scriptures?
The invitation to know God more deeply must come in ways that relate to the everyday experience of life.

The Scriptures can come alive with hope for our world if we replace the fear of opening them with confidence and trust.
    Staff Days and more
in traditional and creative formats.
For Programs of Healing through the Expressive Arts

Seeking refreshment, respite, a time of prayer and meditation for yourself, your staff, or those with whom you minister?

Looking for programs that work?

We offer Retreats, Days and Evenings of Prayer, Staff days, faculty days, workshops for adults, teens and children. 

We offer special programs in Creative  Meditation, Women's Spirituality, Confirmation Retreats, and Scripture. We bring  the Scriptures to life  and our creative environments help to touch the sacred in the ordinary.

We also offer programs in the Dominican Charism.
Theological Updates
&  Parish  Programs

How do we feed a longing for  God and understanding of our Catholic Faith?  Many adults were never taught about the Scriptures.  Many teachers and catechists did not  take Theology courses. Others long to deepen their faith life with new insights in theological reflection. We offer courses and special programs to meet this need.

Looking for creative programs that integrate the ordinary of daily life with our faith?  Music, the arts, humor, and story begin to touch  hearts with God's presence. Our creative meditations with the arts have enhanced many programs. All are designed with your goals in mind.

Offerings include:
- Theological Updating
-  Confirmation Retreats
-  Days of Prayer
-  Parish Retreats
-  Scripture Courses 
-  Meditation through the Arts 
-  Sacramental Meetings
-  Ministry Training: Catechists,  
  Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers
Breakfast with Women in Scripture
Art as Meditation Workshops
From Participants in Barbara's Art as Meditation

"I can't believe all I have learned from the drawings I did. Now I know what I need to do to change. I couldn't find words before."

"The movement is what taught me.  I experienced God in just the simple holding of my hands."

Some Past Themes include:

Lent: A Journey to Healing

Lent:  Crossing Over

Stations of the Cross in our Day

Finding the Presence
of the Risen Christ

Make of  Our Home a Blessing

Ordinary? God in the Everyday!

Prayer  for Peace and Healing

Walking in Hope

Creative Meditation

Who is the Jesus We Celebrate?

The Challenge: Christian Life
in a Global Society

Praying our Images of God

Mary: Women of the Word

Mary: Mystery and Tradition

Advent: Finding God at Home

Advent: Preparing for the Christ
Women's Spirituality

Breakfasts with Women in Scripture

In the Company of Women

Our Place in God's Heart

Living with Passion