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Thanksgiving Cards - Hospitality Gifts
Thanksgiving Cards  (A7 Size)- Hospitality Gifts
Thank you cards at bottom of page
Home blessings
are wonderful hospitality gifts
1  The glory of all that has been
shines forth
in living color.
 In you, I see the face of God
    your kindness, generosity, 
             and love
             and faith in me
     show me possibilities 
more than I  alone can imagine.
I cannot but
       give thanks to God for all you are 
       and for who I have become because of your presence in my life.
       May you see the beauty of God
    in yourself, your family and friends 
     as you celebrate and give thanks.
Happy Thanksgiving

2  ... And all whose generosity sustains us
The example of the native peoples 
calls us to share as freely
with others who come to our shores. 

Let us give thanks to God
    at Thanksgiving and everyday.
May you see the beauty of God
     in yourself, your family and friends 
  and all that surrounds you.
Happy Thanksgiving!

The glory of all that has been
 shines forth in living color
and beckons us
               to recognize how gifted we are.

Let us give thanks to God
        at Thanksgiving and everyday
        through our generosity, hearts and 
hands sharing of the gift.

May we grow in the wonder and grace
of God   of Love that chose us!

May you see the beauty of God
    in yourself, your family and friends 
     as you celebrate and give thanks.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Cards are $2.00 each

    6 for $10

Family print is another nice hospitality gift for the season. 
Mugs $16
1. Each flower blooms in its own time
2. Fall leaf mug- no words
3. celebrate the beauty within

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Thank you cards blank inside   announcement size 9 for $10, Christmas thanks on Christmas page
4in the joy received 
      from the many ways 
you have gifted people
                  in all you are,
do and say.

As we celebrate this time of giving thanks,
       may you reap a harvest of gratitude 
knowing the love
                 that has grown
                             in the shadow 
                                of your generosity.

May God’s blessings fill you, 
your family and friends
                         with abundance.
      Happy Thanksgiving!


                          Budding thanks                
                                                   Golden  thanks                              Sunset Thanks
" I thank my God whenever I think of you and 
when I pary I do so with joy! _ Phil 1:3
Thank my God thank you's
9 cards $10
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Revemer everything is precious. No love is ever wasted!

Let us give thanks for the lavish love
God has poured out upon us
May we celebrate our gratitude 
by sharing the gifts we have been given.
May the love we pour out be 
a source of joy, hope and healing
May this Thanksgiving find you loved beyond measure!

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Glory in the moment--
for the gift you are!
Boldly color the day
with gratitude.
Ride the wind
of graciousness
for God's blessings!
Happy Thanksgiving
May your Thanksgiving
recognize-- who we are
and how we love is more important 
than what we have
May we freely share what we have
welcoming the stranger
the poor, those in need
and htose who are hurting 
to the banquet of our loving.

Happy Thanksgiving
Giving Thanks 
  for all 
  good gifts . . ..
Giving Thanks 
  for all 
  good gifts . . ..
. . . remembering you
as one of
God’s blessings
in my life!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Thank you cards and gifts
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