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Ministry of Preaching Through the Arts - Sisters of St. Dominic - Barbara Schwarz, OP
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E1 Remember you are a child of God. Live clothed in the light of the Spirit. May the light you are glow in Christ at Easter dawn. Celebrate the hope to which you are called. Happy Easter.
E2 New life bursts forth in the simple surpise of everday miracles. May your Easter be filled with the hope and joy of the Resurrection in Christ Jesus. May you be open to being surprised by God everyday. Happy Easter!
E3Alleluia! The Risen Christ is among us! Live clothed in the light of the Spirit.May you experience the hope of the Resurrection and share it with others. Happy Easter!
E4 Rising to New Life Jesus iw with us ever new. We are never alone!May your faith in Christ's abiding presence raise to llife the seeds of hope and its promise.
E5May the promise of Resurrection fill you with hope in Christ  in whom all things are possible. Happy Easter!

Easter Cards (order today!)                       Spring Cards
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S1:Open to all the life around you. Catch a  glimpse  waiting. Growin to the beauty you are Believe and have hope.
S2:  Each blooms in its own time. Reverence the
of Joy. Be filled with gladnees. Have Hope

.S3: Rejoice in difference. Each color radiates God  See beauty in all things. Color hte world with hope. 

S4:Be gentlin your living for it isin the care-filled 
 unfolding that the beuty of all lovingis revealed.

S5:Even the flowers smile at the thought of you Rejoice in the gift you are and will be.      
S6: To be opent o all that comes your way takes great        strength and courage. It is to really lilve each moment.

S7: Treasure your friends. Celebrate their budding Affirm their blooming. Love and measure not.

Spring FLORAL Cards  $2.00 each, 
package of 7 $10
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The card text font is script inside and out.
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