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Ministry of Preaching Through the Arts - Sisters of St. Dominic - Barbara Schwarz, OP
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Natural Mandala
Series. For those who appreciate the beauty of the small in the natural world. 

A-6 size 7 cards
Blank inside  $10
Several of these are also ornaments
1. I hold the future close wrapped .... help me birth anew this sacred life of mine. Together our touch brings forth hope.....
2. Sometimes I feel like I am dog-paddling my way through life then a wave reassuringly brushes against my face and I know....
3. Caught in the flow of the unknown I wait in time touched by the momentary happenings of now.....
4. Play round and about  Slide .Immerse yourself in the relaxation of non-productive activity....
5. Rich colors qulityt he wartm and touch the chill of autumn falling as flowers give way to leave and thoughts snug in bed live for another day....
6. When do we sail to hither and thither where the sun rises or colors a glow. Whence do we sail...
7.Caught up in the piercing joy that unclogs the arterial flow of memories and bursts open new ways fo beign in the  wonderment of Life....

1                                                                                                              5

2                                                                                                              6

3                             4                                                                              7
Dominic's Garden Cards
Pictures from Dominic's Garden and Sophia Garden at Amityville Motherhouse   
       7 Cards for $10 blank inside

Blank inside
Cards on this page beyond Stone Stories at right
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